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RouterBOARD RB-532

This high performance device is an all-in-one integrated communications platform for high-throughput Ethernet and wireless based networks.

Its simple and robust design ensures reliable non-stop operation of the unit. Compared to Geode SC1100 based boards, this power-efficient design performs 2 to 3 times faster thanks to a MIPS 4Kc core CPU architecture.

From the base configuration of 3 Ethernet ports and 2 MiniPCI slots (for wireless cards) it can be extended by using daughterboards for four more MiniPCI slots, or even up to a total of 15 interfaces (9 Ethernet ports and 6 MiniPCI slots). A wide range of accepted input power means that you can connect to almost any direct current power source you already have on site. It also can be powered through an Ethernet port using Power-over-Ethernet technology (802.3af) or passive non-standard PoE.