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Ubiquiti SR5 miniPCI Card

The Super Range 5 (SR5) 802.11a mini-PCI card with patent pending Super Range radio technology has been designed from the ground up specifically for outdoor wireless.  The SR5 solves the problem of increasing 802.11 based outdoor wireless performance without the increased system complexity, legal questions, added spurious emissions, and degraded receiver performance that accompany use of external bi-directional amplifiers.

Compatibility Information:  The SR5 card will work seamlessly with any system and software that currently supports Atheros AR5004 mini-PCI cards.  Maximum ouput power will appear as default irrespective of what the driver reports.  Compatibility with many platforms has been verified including:  IkarusOS, StarOS, MikroTik, PC Engines WRAP and Pep Link.

Wireless connect two or more PCs for Home or Office Share internet access and peripherals through Access Point Play multi-players games and share files easily Super A/G™ deliver wired speeds with backward compatibility Wake on Wireless LAN (for PC-OEM) Fully interoperability, feature, and regulatory certification 802.1x, AES-CCM & TKIP, Power Saving Mode 64/128/152-bit WEP Encryption Fully WHQL Testing Wi-Fi Compliant